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Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary
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Welcome to our personal web site! We started it in Feb 2001 after we moved to Japan from the States. Basically, it is a WORK IN PROGRESS. You know the story.... Check back with us now and then for more photos and interesting stuff.  Hope you enjoy a glimpse at our daily lives in Japan.
Check out this video of this amazing place called Sukhothai in Thailand.  Gorgeous ruins of temples in this beautiful garden like environment. 
Kevin and Jeana's 2009 Xmas message to family includes short tour of our house (ha,ha) in Miharu.  (Don't mind the mess.)
Check out this video of Kevin playing guitar and singing at his farewell party.
Kevin and Jeana duet at Kevin's farewell party.  I was really bad....  but we had a great time with our friend from Play+ing (our amateur theater club).  You get the idea.
Check out this video on YouTube.  Recognize the narrator's voice? (It's me!)
9000 pictures of our lives in Miharu! 
If you haven't already, please check out our smugmug photo album.  It includes 12000 and counting photos of our daily lives in Miharu, Japan, and our travels/adventures, as well as family and friends on both sides of the ocean.
and now OVER 400 Videos, too!  I don't know how I accumulated this many videos in only a year, but anyway.  Last year I bought this awesome exilim digital pocket camera and it does the sweetest videos, too, and has this great youtube upload feature, so now we do videos, too.  
Miharu Ensemble Foundation and String Quartet
A link to the home page of a group I helped start in Miharu to promote quality but family-priced classical music.  The page is in Japanese.  I designed and produced all the posters until 2007. 
Check out these two home pages I made for Piarango (Zeoli and Cibils) - visiting Argentinian musicians from Germany

Click on here for a Memorial Page for my dad. Leave your memories to share with others.

What's New?
May 2010 - What a difference a year makes! Where to start? Kevin moved to Tennesee in January to start High School in the States.  The school where I was working in Koriyama almost went bankrupt and decided they didn't need me after I finished building all the curriculum and trained all the other staff.... so I took a month and a half off, went to Thailand (check out video at left) and got my TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate FINALLY!   Hard class, but really worth it.  It's really  helped me with my teaching.  Planned to move to the States from May (packed and everything) when a last minute offer that was too good to turn down came my way, so I'm still here in Miharu.   
Kevin is doing great in HS in TN.  We are so grateful to my sister's family for taking him in.  He is doing well in school, in two different bands (he plays electric guitar - check out videos at left) and has a girlfriend!  We stay in touch thru Facebook and Skype so we don't miss eachother too much. 
My new job is the Headmaster of my very own English immersion preschool and language school in Koriyama.  The owner is this wonderful Canadian man who has a school in Fukushima City and is allowing me to start a branch school in Koriyama.  Wish me LUCK!   So that's what's up with us. 
March 2009 - Shoulder surgery went well, and I made a complete recovery.  Thanks for all your kind messages and support.  Thanks especially to Kevin and Becky for taking good care of me while I was recovering.  
November 2008 - I have published three children's books in English for English immersion preschools.  One is a Halloween book and the other is a Christmas book.  They will both be available via or other online bookstores later, but for now, you can order from my publisher. 
July 2008  - Our dear mother, Phyllis, passed away in Rice Lake this month.  She would have turned 84 in August.  It is hard to say good-bye, but at the same time it is a relief that she is out of pain.  She has been in and out of the hospital a lot with pneumonia this year.  We will miss her terribly.  I suspect she is already planning a hoe-down in heaven with dad, after that fishing trip with Mr. Muto, and a picnic/concert with our brothers Kevin and Robert. 
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