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Miharu - STILL Our Home

Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary
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Where we USED to live and work

From July of 2000 to March of 2007, we lived in a bed and breakfast called the "Rice Lake Int'l House" in the town of Miharu-machi in Japan. We shared a large room on the second floor. Miharu spent about $500,000 building it and most of the interior was imported from Wisconsin and Rice Lake.

If you want to know more about the RLH or Miharu check out the Link below and check out the Rice Lake House web site. 
We left the Rice Lake House and the employ of the Miharu Board of Education and MIFA (Miharu International Friendship Association) after nearly a 20 year affliation due to changing priorities on both sides.  
Nevertheless, while we no longer work for Miharu (officially), I continue to support the Miharu ABC Kids English Immersion Preschool program and Miharu Ensemble Foundation, and I will continue to consider Miharu to be my hometown in Japan.   (They can't get rid of me that easily.....ha,ha,ha,ha!)
Hopefully one day there will be another opportunity for me to serve the people and town that I love.  Thank you to the many good friends and other citizens who offered us good wishes, kindness, and emotional support during the transition.   

Rice Lake Int'l House in Miharu-machi, Japan

RiceLakeHouse 300 pix

Rice Lake International House

This is the front of the Rice Lake House. It's an American style Bed and Breakfast where Japanese people can "homestay" without leaving Japan.

Gnagarden 300 pix

Birthday 240 pix

Kevin and Jeana's Birthday Party

Here we are in the dining room during our birthday party last September (2000). The RLH is a great place to entertain - wide and beautifully furnished. It is an honor and pleasure to live here, except for the part where we have absolutely no privacy except on Mondays. (But more on that later.)