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Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary
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If you like what you see or want to contact the family, please drop us a line.

Our NEW mailing address (as of September 2007) is:
Jeana and Kevin Schieffer 
Aza Kita-machi 55, Miharu-machi
Tamura-gun, Fukushima-ken
Japan  963-7751
Phone (from the US) 011-81- 90-6621-3074
Phone (within Japan) 090-6621-3074 

Or you could just send me an email to the address below!  Love to hear from you!
Because of those sleezy spammers and creepy weirdos that prey upon innocent users of the internet, I have been forced to shut down my guest book.  So, if you want to contact me or give me any feedback, please send me a mail.   However, in order to make sure that junk mailers do NOT get my email address and start sending their S#@T to my mailbox, there is no direct link to my email from this site.