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Japan Resources and Links

Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary
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Below are some links to other sites where we've found interesting and cool information about Japan that kids of all ages will enjoy.

The Rice Lake Int'l House in Miharu, Japan, where Jeana and Kevin live and worked for 8 years.

Miharu Ensemble Web Page

Kids Web Japan offers these Shockwave games. Play and learn a lot about Japan at the same time.

National Clearninghouse for US-Japanese Studies in Indiana. Lots of Good Links to resources about Japan.

Japanese Cookbook for Kids

Web of Japanese Culture and Language including more links, virtual museum, atlas, tourism information, etc.

Say it in Japanese. Simple Japanese language for kids.

And here's a site by an Elem School

Irasshai Launch Pad - Irasshai, the Japanese Language and Culture Distance Learning Course produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting

Here's a list of the Japanese kids' videos I own (mostly for my reference):
Kumon's   Kazu Daisuki no 1, Kotoba Tanken no 2 and 3, NHK Minnano Hiroba Da Wankakku.  Doraimon Hiragana no Yomikata 1 and 2, Hajimeteno monshi Video 2 (Aisatsu) and 7 (Karada).  And GomiTaro Video Lib Saru/Ru Ru Ru.