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Other Interesting Things I Want to Share
Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary
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Other Interesting Stuff

This page contains links to other interesting pages (not necessarily related to Japan or our lives in Japan) that I want to share with my friends.   Hope you enjoy them.

Jim Breen's online Japanese Dictionary is the Greatest!

We use it all the time to look up kanji characters and example sentences for the improvement of our Japanese.  Since Kevin hit 4th grade and his vocabulary surpassed mine, I was pretty hard put to keep ahead (or even up) with him until I discovered the example sentences on Jim Breen's home page.  Thank you, Jim.  (And he actually wrote back to me once, in person.  He was very kind, and I was very impressed that he took the time to answer my questions personally.) He is undeniably a "god" in the Students of Japanese Language community!  Thank you, Jim! is a great site for people studying Japanese!

Great for people studying Japanese.  Or for Japanese people studying English.  Todd Rudick is a genius on the same scale as Jim Breen! Check it out!  Lets you translate pages from English and/or gives you a pop up dictionary at the cursor of terms.  Links to a great tool to study Kanji.  Cool site.

Gate of Japanese. With the Gate of Japanese, you can see Japanese web sites without having a Japanese system. You have nothing to install in your system.

It turns the Japanese web page into an image file that you then can view on your computer.  The quality of the image file is low so that it won't help you much if you are studying Japanese, but good enough to read for anyone who knows Japanese characters and is on a machine that doesn't have Japanese language support installed.

Astronomy Picture of the Day from Nasa. With explanations! Very Cool!

Astronomy Picture of the Day (Japanese Site). Maintained by Aiichirou Niwa.

Reference Desk - List of Dictionaries and online language resources.