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Site History (Archived News Tidbits)
Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary
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Here's an archive of stuff I previously posted as NEWS and UPDATES.   A short history of the web page and (albeit) major developments.

April 2008 Update - YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN!!!! Now working full time as Coordinator and Teacher of Immersion English at a private preschool (kids ages 1.5 to 6 in the mornings and 4 to 12 in the afternoons) in Koriyama City (about 30 minutes drive from Miharu).  Kevin is in 2nd grade Jr. High (8th Grade) and doing GREAT.   We are both enjoying life without international exchange responsibilities - still active in amateur theater club and Miharu Ensemble Foundation, but otherwise, taking it easy!   Mom teaches a little eikaiwa on the side for extra cashola, and Kevin is learning the electric guitar AND playing percussion!   Check out our YouTube site (search for tubeenzou) or SMUGMUG site (search for gna2000) for videos and pictures from the latest adventures of Jeana and Kevin is Japan. 
Sept 2009  Deleted the "Ten Reasons Not to" page (renamed as Gripe Page last year).  Keeping busy at my new job and usual bevy of volunteer activities so too busy for updates lately.  But we are moving on and I have some new stuff I want to introduce so look forward to some updates before Xmas.  Thanks.
Jan 2009  New computer, new year, new shoulder.  Sorry I haven't updated lately.   LOTS of new photos on SMUGMUG and new videos on YOUTUBE so check us out there.   Mostly focusing on getting better and getting on with life.  Will try harder.
Jan 2008   HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Kevin and I are doing great!  I am worknig at a Preschool in Koriyama called "Y's (stands for the family name of the owners, Yamamoto, and also WISE. Get it?) Preschool.  
Spent two weeks over Xmas and New Years in TN and WI.   Got to see my mother for almost 3 whole days because for the first time in 6 years I WASN'T SICK!  Yeah!   She is doing OK - cannot speak but is alert and aware of everything.  Can write a little to communicate, but mostly we just enjoyed being together.  
Pushed another 1000 pictures to smugmug AND loaded our first 100 videos onto YOUTUBE.   Search on TUBEENZOU or GNA2000 to find our videos and check out the latest in the continuing saga of Jeana and Kevin in Japan.
Sept 2008   Oh, NO!  BACK TO MIHARU!   Well, the dream job turned out to be a nightmare.  Or rather, my boss turned out to be a nightmare.   As Kevin says, "You sure can pick the crazy ones, mom!"   So, after 4 months (which was technically the original timeframe we talked about anyway) of working 60 hour weeks with NO overtime and nary a good word from the boss, I quit.  We have returned to Miharu and Kevin is happily enrolled in Miharu Jr. High.  See the page on Miharu PART TWO for more information.
Jan 2007   We are MOVING to Miyagi Prefecture!   After 20 years on the Miharu rollercoaster, Kevin and I are moving to new (and hopefully greener) pastures.   A wonderful woman named Keiko has offered me my DREAM JOB in the town of Ishinomaki/East Matsushima, just north of Sendai.  So, we are moving the end of March 2007
Kevin will be starting Jr High at Yamoto Dai Ni Jr. High in East Matsushima.  Jeana will be starting up another English preschool in Ishinomaki.  (The first in a chain?)
Dec 2006  Added like 8000 pictures to the smugmug web site.  Wow!  Even I didn't realize how many GREAT events and exchanges and classes I have lead while I was here (in spite of resistance from my nemesis!) 
Jan 2006  Happy New Year.  Updates the Links page with a couple of new links.  Added the link to Dad's Memorial Page on LEFT of this page.  Hope to get some cool memories to blog onto the site.  Created a SCHIEFFER REUNION web page.
09/2004  Added photos from Kev's 10th Birthday Party (Yugioh Theme.) and some photos from our trip home, and photos + links to Mr. Kusakabe's latest work, and photos of a pre-school I've helped start in Miharu.   It has been a crazy, busy, but rewarding, two years.  Hope you enjoy the pics and notes.
10/2002 - Added photos of Kevin's 8th Birthday Party. We had a BLAST!
 8/2002  - Added photos of Kevin in Kimono to the Photo Gallery. Click on Photo Gallery above. CHECK IT OUT!  He looks soooooooo cute!

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