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         Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary

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Omikoshi Festival Oct 2001

Every October in Miharu, the local shrines take their spirits (gods (?)) out for a parade.  Apparently, even spirits get bored and need a little excitement now and then.  So drums are played, and the spirits are moved from their usual residences into some type of mobile shrine and paraded thru the streets for good luck.  

Some of the mobile shrines are wagons that can be pulled.   Others must be carried on the shoulders of men and women, and children.  Also carried are offerings of sake.   The men of Oh-machi neighborhood taught Kevin and about 25 others how to play the drums for the festival.  They met two/three times a week at night to prepare.  And the weekend of the festival, they paraded thru town on Saturday afternoon playing their drums.    Sunday night the kids helped pull the float while the adults got to drum. 

Here and there you will see pictures of Kevin and some of Jaime, and American English teacher in town.

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Oh-machi neighborhood kids pulling the shrine down main street of Miharu.

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Mr. Otsuki, Yuki and Momo came out to watch the parade.

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This gold spirit house was given to one of the Nakamachi Shrines by an organization in Yokohama.

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This is a stage on wheels for drummers.


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Kevin is 2nd from front at right.

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Kevin behind K. Honda.

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Tetsuro helps steer drum wagon.

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Kevin carried lantern in night parade.

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Jaime carrying the omikoshi.

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Jaime carrying omikoshi with the Yakuba (Town Hall) Employees.

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