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Kusakabe Studio in Miharu-Spring 2002 Show

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The Spring 2002 Show theme was Gourd pots.  Using his new anagama kiln, sensei has produced some remarkable ash and fire glaze effects that you really have to see in person to believe.


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Along with the gourd pots, there are many beautiful bowls, small plates, tea and sake cups on display in the Shoji Room.  The paintings on the Shoji were done by sensei's apprentice Nobuko Kimura.

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Small Gourd vases are also on display in the Shoji Room.  A few tea pots and sake bottles are also available.

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In the tea ceremony room, a beautiful collection of Japanese bowls and pots appropriate for tea ceremony.

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On the south wall, pieces are displayed against two old Japanese quilts.  Also on display are some of sensei's netsuke.


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Finally, in the tea ceremony room are the large vases.  The high temperature of the new kiln produces an especially beautiful natural glaze from the melting clay and ashes. 

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