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         Jeana and Kevin's Miharu Diary

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Kevin 8th Bday Party in Miharu

Kevin turned 8 in Sept of 2002.  To celebrate, we had an American-style theme birthday party, the likes has never been seen in Miharu.  Ten of his friends attended the party at the Rice Lake House.   The theme was "Harry Potter" of course.  We have just finished reading book 4 together.   Guests were asked to dress in Wizard Hats and bring brooms.  We played lots of Harry Potter themed games Kevin and I came up with, even including a HEATED Quidditch match played with three kinds of balls.  It was a real hit with the kids - even the ones who had never read the HP books.

At the end of the day, Kevin declared it was the "Second Best Day of his life".  (The first being the day he was born, according to him. Really, I'm not making this up.   What a great kid!  :>     It was definitely worth all the time and money to give him this party - Just to see his face when he saw the cake and the decorations.  And we had such fun with the games.  The people here were amazed at the lengths I had gone to, but really it was nothing compared to what we do in the States.   I am glad he had a great birthday. 

(But I can't say that I am anxious to do it ever again!)

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Kevin with Mommy's attempt at a Harry Potter cake.

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Tablecloth and Party Favors thanks to Aunt Mary,  balloons by K. Yaginuma all helped set the scene.

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HP  plates, cups, hats and napkins (thanks to Aunt Mary) made for a festive mode like never seen in Miharu.

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Party guests were sorted into Hogwarts Houses. 10 friends from Kevin's School attended.

Click to see Kev8thbday019Resized.jpg

Mom as Professor McGonigle sorts the birthday boy into his house.

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From left to right - Kevin, Shogo, Takuya and Taiichi.

Click to see Kev8thbday023Resized.jpg

From left to right, Makoto, Rina, Emi, and Akiko.

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Birthday Boy Kevin aka Harry.

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First class was a little wand practice.

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Akiko and Ayachan at wand practice.

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The boys at wand practice.

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The girls read the clues for Hide and Seek.

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Kevin and Mom and the cake.

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Hide and seek gets under way. Teams of three raced to find the hidden characters.

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The kids searched the house for HP characters hidden throughout.

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Mom explains the rules of indoor Quidditch (as made up by Jeana and Kevin).

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The kids quickly got the idea. It was a heated match.

Click to see Kev8thbday069Resized.jpg


Group shot

Click to see Kev8thbday071Resized.jpg


Everyone showed their HP tatoos.

Click to see Kev8thbday072Resized.jpg

Group shot of Casey, Aya, Naoko, Jaime, Kevin and Mommy.

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Crackers before the cake and presents.

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Kevin received many wonderful presents from his friends. 

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Presents and more presents. "I'm not spoiled..."

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Rina and Ayachan.  We won't say the g.... word, but they are Kevin's special "friends".

Table created by Thumber