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Leonard W. Schieffer Memorial Site

Leonard William Schieffer

1924 - 1996
"He is missed....."

We all miss you, but we are consoled by memories of our time together and the positive impact you had on every life you touched. On this site, we'll share pictures and memories and do our best to keep the best part of you alive.

Reflections and Eulogies

Born and raised his whole life in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.
Father of 11 children. 
Dairy Farmer, Church Elder, Community Leader, Life Long Democrat (who would roll over in his grave if he knew his sons were voting for George Bush!)
Loved his cows and farming, growing things with his own two hands, his wife, and his family.   Also loved the theater and public radio and public TV.  Especially Masterpiece Theater and any of those British Sitcoms. 
We miss him!
Memories are a comfort. If you have a special memory of Leonard, please take the time to get in touch and share yours. You can submit a memory to be posted on his memorial site by emailing me.  All messages will be posted (at the discretion of the editor) unless you tell me that you want your comment to remain confidential.   Please share your memories of my father with his family and friends.   (I will NOT list your email address on the web site! )

Please send your comments to me via email at the address below.  Sorry it is a gif file instead of a link, but you know how it goes - this way keeps spammers and other web parasites from getting my email address.   


In Memory of Leonard W. Schieffer
dad with calves in spring
Beloved Husband, Father, Brother, Son and Neighbor